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New and established titles from our award-winning authors

Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency - INITIATIONS

ISBN-9780978951267      232 pages   Reading Level: 8-15 years old

​Hardcover - $16.95 ;   Ebook - $3.95


Middle school sleuths Will Allen and Jeannine Fitsimmons are unmatched when it come to solving mysteries, but not even their amazing problem-solving skills can help them when MONSTERS begin infesting their town!

But in a fantastic stroke of luck (or IS it?) a mysterious business card appears that summons the Great Monster Detective, Bigelow Hawkins, to teach them how to control their fears and conquer the monsters. Now, in their Baptism of Fire, can they unravel the clues and discover the secret of the dreadful HIDDEN BEAST in time to save themselves and their friends from its terrible power?

Will Allen and the TERRIBLE TRUTH

ISBN-9780978951269       208 pages   Reading Level: 8-15 years old

HARDCOVER - $16.95 ;    Ebook - $3.95


So far Will Allen has conquered monsters, overcome bullies, and even survived his mother's cooking, but in this 4th adventure in the Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency he faces a challenge that his cleverness and bravery are powerless against - dealing with GIRLS!
And even if he muddles his way through THAT shiver-inducing horror, can Will rise to the occasion and save himself and his friends from creatures that bring to life their worst nightmares when his special monster-fighting tools, the RevealeR and the MonsterScope, suddenly lose their magical powers?

Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective

ISBN-9780978951207         96 pages     Reading Level: 7-13 years old

Paperback - $5.95 ;    Ebook - $3.95


In this chapter book version (for 7-12 year old readers) of the first Monster Detective Agency adventure,  short, timid boy-genius Will Allen may one of the brightest boys at Ashford Middle School, but his cleverness is of no use when monsters infest his room!  Thank goodness the Great Monster Detective, Bigelow Hawkins, shows up to save the day!  But even with Bigelow's help, along with the use of some very special monster-fighting tools: the RevealeR and the MonsterScope, can Will triumph over his fears and defeat the dreadful HIDDEN BEAST before it's too late?

Will Allen and the Ring of Terror

ISBN-978097895121          128 pages   Reading Level: 7-14 years old

Paperback - $5.95 ;    Ebook - $3.95


Congratulations, Will Allen :  You've become a Monster Detective!

( We hope you survive )

In this sequel to Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective, fledgling detective Will Allen discovers that defeating monsters takes more than just brains and bravery.  But when his very first client is being tormented by a monster that appears to be no more than a harmless gold ring, can even some timely assistance from his best friend and partner, Jeannine Fitsimmons, help him reveal its true nature in time to save all them from a horror beyond imagining?


-Current & Upcoming Titles-

Rogue Bear Press

Will Allen and the Hideous Shroud

ISBN-9780978951245       208 pages   Reading Level: 8-15 years old

Paperback - $5.95 ;    Ebook - $3.95


Will Allen has conquered terrifying monsters, but now must face his most brutal challenge yet:   MIDDLE SCHOOL! 

And if dealing with cranky teachers, mounds of homework, and fitting in with classmates isn't bad enough, Will's latest case is sure to make his head spin: he has to defend a BULLY!

But can Will rise to the occasion and save his brutish client when his magical monster-fighting flashlight, the RevealeR, suddenly becomes more dangerous than the monsters themselves?

The Legend of the Moonflower

ASIN: B0083OYD44      23 pages   Reading Level: 3-8 years old

Paperback - $14.95 ;   Ebook - $9.99


This beautifully illustrated picture book is an enchanting story about a little seed that encounters life's adversities.  Buty when things seem most difficult, the Moon reaches out to the little seed and teaches him to trust in himself, and in the gifts that nature has given him.

Teachers, educators and parents will benefit from this wonderful story by incorporating it into their curriculum of teaching about dealing with life challenges.

Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie
(And Other School Poems That Are Out of This World!)

ISBN- 9780615284699         32 pages   Reading Level: 4-10 years old

Hardcover - $14.95 ;   Ebook - $7.99

In Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie, you'll run into a teacher who mixes up her words, one who gives detention to water fountains and bus tires, and one who forgets how to act around students. You'll meet unusual lunch ladies who serve Candy Cane Craters, Milky Way Shakes, and fresh Corn on the Comet. There's also a dog that enjoys doing chores, a parent who gets out of hand at a parent-teacher conference, and a principal who lets kids take over the school on Opposite Day.

Pam Catapano brings each poem to life with her colorful characters, brilliant imagination, and delightful illustrations. Darren and Pam have teamed up to make reading fun and enjoyable for even the most reluctant of readers, and are proud to share their work with the universe.


Whale Island and the Mysterious Bones

ISBN- 9781935905103         264 pages   Reading Level: 8-12 years old

Paperback - $14.95 ;   Ebook - $5.50


This thrilling adventure encompasses two themes: the profound significance of communicating and co-existing with animals and ocean inhabitants; and understanding true courage after children confront their fears. The story begins with Katey and Will Longley, a brother and sister who journey to a remote island thousands of miles across the globe. After a storm capsizes their uncle's boat near Cape Cod, the children have the misfortune to meet Captain Sharkley, a shady individual who uses them in his quest to find mystical whalebones on an island from which no one has returned alive.


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