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A Hands-on Activity That Delights Everyone-

Children's Enrichment Program

for 7 - 14 year olds

Children Have a Grand Adventure -

while developing puzzle solving, design, and research skills!

In the Build a Better World Quest, kids track down hidden clues, resource (puzzle) pieces, materials and designs, and then use them to build a world! In the process, they learn to use the library catalog, solve puzzles, work cooperatively, allocate resources, and assemble a world with the pieces they uncover. Every participant has their own items to find and proceeds at his or her own pace. So EVERYONE SUCCEEDS, and gets to take part in helping to build a better world!


The program is active and engaging: the KIDS are the stars of the show!


There is no required set-up on your part: our program performer takes care of all preparation and clean up.


Accommodates different levels of ability: There is no competing and every child proceeds at his or her own pace. It is designed to last one hour, but can be shortened or extended to any length requested.


Kids learn to use the library catalog, decipher instructions, utilize deductive reasoning, and work cooperatively, as well as developing an understanding of the role various resources play in producing the world we live in.

Program Procedures:

Before children arrive -- Cards containing coded clues and secret puzzle pieces are hidden in books throughout Children’s Library aisles and shelves. All materials and preparation are provided by our activity facilitator.

Once all participants are present -- The activity begins when the Detective (facilitator) introduces himself and asks for help finding a the secret ingredient for building a better world that is somewhere the library. Children use their observation and detection skills to help find the first set of clues.

Participants are broken up into groups of 3 or 4, and provided with Clue Decoder cards. Every member of the group is assigned a task – Clue Master, Decoder, Recorder, or Seeker, and for successive clues the tasks are rotated so that each participant has a turn at every task. Each clue, once decoded, tells the group which book holds their next clue, and provides a puzzle piece that will help them identify and locate the secret for building a better world.


Participants search the children’s library to find each successive clue and its puzzle piece and bring it back to decode. Every group has its own set of clues to find – there is never any competing over clues and everyone always succeeds! The facilitator demonstrates (when necessary) how to use the library catalog and Dewey Decimal System to locate the books they seek.​​​​​


When the time period is nearly over, the groups will all be gathered together to share their decoded clues in order to assemble the puzzle pieces. They will then search together until the missing ingredient is discovered. Everyone is then rewarded for their efforts by being sworn in as Junior World Builder, and all participants receive their own Detective Badge.

Award-winning Author/’Edutainer’ Jason Edwards’ enrichment programs have proven to be both lots of fun and also a productive learning experience for children all across the nation. The fee for one performance of this program is $295, however if you have financial limitations we make every effort to work within your budget. For more information or to schedule a program performance, contact Program Director Jan Silverman

E-mail or phone at (914) 437-7628.

We look forward to providing you and your young patrons with a grand adventure!


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Build a Better World

Library Quest

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