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Award-winning author Jason Edwards is a writer, artist, educator, storyteller, producer of entertaining educational enrichment programs for schools and libraries, and an authority on children’s anxieties who has over 20 years of experience developing innovative ways to entertain, instruct, and inspire children. Even his frightfully funny chapter book series The Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency, is designed to help children by inspiring them to confront their fears and modeling ways to control anxiety, which has earned Jason the Mom’s Choice Award for Family Friendly Media and an endorsement from the Anxiety Disorders Association of America.

In addition to producing his written works, Jason has performed his Library Skills-Building MONSTER HUNT program and his Destination: INSPIRATION InterACTIVE StoryCrafting Workshops at over 100 schools and libraries across the nation. His gift for teaching and inspiring children has been featured in all forms of media including The New Jersey Observer, The NY Daily News, WCBS TV, Talk of Connecticut Radio, and Sirius Satellite Book Channel.


Learn more about Jason at his website:, on Twitter at, and on the website of the Monster Detective Agency at . Contact Jason via e-mail at




* Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective   


* Will Allen and the Ring of Terror 


* Will Allen and the Hideous Shroud 


* Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency-   INITIATIONS



Darren Sardelli

Children's Book Author Darren Sardelli, who has been making cool poetry for young people since 2004, is famed across the land for being the funniest poet in school.  He has visited hundreds of elementary and middle schools to share his unique and comical poetry with children of all ages.

Darren's creative poems have appeared in newspapers, magazines, chapter books, farmer's almanacs, literary journals, yearbooks, and a variety of textbooks in the U.S., China, Germany, India, Canada, Spain, Cyprus, Israel, England, France, and The Netherlands.



Learn more about Darren at his website:, or send your comments, questions, thoughts, and suggestions to Darren at




* Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie

(And Other School Poems That Are Out of This World)


* Rolling in the Aisles

(A Collection of Laugh-Out-Loud Poems)


* Peter, Peter, Pizza-Eater

(And Other Silly Rhymes)








-Our Award-Winning Authors-

Rogue Bear Press

Karen Bonnet

Karen Bonnet began her career as an editor/reporter in the early 1990s. Later, she became involved in public relations, working for schools, nationally recognized nonprofits, and businesses. As a published author, her articles and photographs have been published in well-known regional news publications, trade papers and magazines.  Karen provides book discussions and workshops for schools, libraries, book stores, and other venues across Long Island and beyond.



Learn more about Karen at her website:, or send your comments, questions, thoughts, and suggestions to Karen at






* Whale Island and the Mysterious Bones








Joe Guida

Joe Guida has become one of Long Island's top children performers at schools and libraries throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties. His upbeat shows will have the children participating with singing, clapping and dancing from the very first song right through his last rocking song "Dance With Me To My Music”.



Learn more about Joe at his website:, or send your comments, questions, thoughts, and suggestions to Joe at

Joe was also recently featured as a district star in the ES BOCES Journal at  .





* The Legend of the Moonflower


* School Bus Safety For Kids ( DVD )








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