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Improv storytelling, colorful props, and slapstick humor abound throughout the show!


Kids learn the elments of Story Crafting - by using them to create a grand adventure together!



As limitless and creative as children’s imaginations because kids create the characters, make up dialog, and steer the plot !

 Engage - - Empower - - Educate! 

Cultivate the Writer Within Every Child!

In Destination: INSPIRATION, the Kids Are the True Stars of the Show!  Award-winning author Jason Edwards teaches the elements of story crafting, and has children put them to use right there on the spot!


KIDS LEARN BY DOING as they create characters, choose settings, advance the plot, and make up lines of dialog.  Slapstick humor abounds when Jason acts out the story that he and the audience produce together.

No two performances are ever the same! 


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Kids of all ages and levels of ability LOVE it because

THEY are the STARS of the SHOW !

Educators and Parents LOVE it too because:

  • It’s Great For EVERYONE - No reading or writing skills are required for the assembly program, and all ages and levels of ability create characters, choose settings, advance the plot, and make up dialog in this interactive, improvisational adventure.

  • Children are CAPTIVATED – Everyone is engaged, everyone takes part, and everyone delights in the hysterical gags, whimsical props, and slapstick humor provided by Mom’s Choice Award-winning performer Jason Edwards as he acts out the group’s story.

  • It’s FLEXIBLE - The assembly program accommodates a wide variety of ages and numbers of participants. It fits in almost any time frame, and can be performed in any size venue at any time of day. For budding writers, there are supplemental advanced lessons.

  • It’s Got a PROVEN TRACK RECORD – Jason Edwards, a seasoned educator with over 30 years of experience creating innovative way to engage, entertain, and inspire children, has performed this program at over100 schools, libraries, and book festivals, including as the keynote performer at the White Plains Young Writers Workshop. His improvisational skills, madcap antics, and gift for engaging young audiences have earned overwhelming acclaim all across the nation!

Easy for YOU

Great Fun and Slyly Educational

for the KIDS

Shows For Any Audience

or Occasion


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Shows For Any Audience

or Occasion

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