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We have produced over 100 different sets of clues with dozens of variations  designed to accommodate different needs, skill levels, and thematic elements.  

For example, those who want a program that incorporates Social Studies Curriculum can choose our History Mystery!


We also create NEW versions for every National Reading Program theme: including Summer 2022's Seven Seas Treasure Hunt !

( Click on the program titles for more information )


And if we don't already have exactly what you are looking for, we'll create an entirely new set just for you!

The Kids are the STARS of the Show!


Kids build research skills as they track down hidden clues in order to find and capture a lurking MONSTER!


    - They uncover the first clue.


    - They reveal the secret code.


    - They decode their clues.


    - They do research to determine   

       the location of more hidden clues.


    - They share their clues to find the

      Monster's Secret Lair.


    - They capture the monster!


    - They are rewarded with their own        Monster Detective Badges!





The Monster Detective Agency's Adventures are not limited to the library:  Follow our adventures in our book series, the Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency.    Available wherever fine books are sold!

Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective
Who can a timid, 6th grade boy-genius like Will Allen turn to when his worst fears come to life?    Only Bigelow Hawkins, the Great Monster Detective!
But even with Bigelow’s help, can Will triumph over his fears and learn the secret of the dreaded HIDDEN BEAST before it’s too late? 
“Wildly entertaining... Funny from first page to last!”
"A Great book with a great message!”  -Gathering Leaves Reviews    
ISBN : 9780978951207
Paperback, 82 pages  List price: $5.95
Lexile Reading Level : 630
Will Allen and the Ring of Terror


Congratulations on your fantastic achievement, Will Allen:

You've just become a monster detective!   ( We hope you survive )


But in his baptist of fire, can Will uncover the truth about a seemingly harmless gold ring in time to save himself and his friends from its terrible power? 


“Full of Humor... Fun and engaging!” –Fronts Street Reviews

“The only way to make it better is to serve it with ice cream!” –The Reading Tub    

ISBN : 9780978951221
Paperback, 128 pages  List price: $5.95
Lexile Reading Level : 670
Will Allen and the Hideous Shroud


He’s solved baffling mysteries and conquered terrifying monsters, but now Will Allen faces his most brutal challenge :   Middle School


But when his monster-fighting tools suddenly become more dangerous than the monsters themselves, can Will rise to the occasion in order to save...a BULLY?  And does he even want to?


“Absolutely wonderful...a 10 !” –Building Rainbows Reviews

“A fantastic read for the entire family!” –    


ISBN : 9780978951245
Paperback, 200 pages  List price: $5.95
Lexile Reading Level : 730
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