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In This Program, Kids Build Vital

Common-Core Mandated Skills...

While Having a Grand Adventure!



Schools and Libraries love this program because every child builds research skills   -  without even knowing it!   



  • No Preparation is Required of our hosts:  All materials and preparation are provided by and set up by our program facilitator, Mom’s Choice Award Winner Jason Edwards – the Monster Detective!


  • The KIDS are the stars of the Show:  It is the participants, not the adults, whose observation, decoding, and deduction skills uncover the clues that lead to the monster’s lair.


  • Everyone is Constantly engaged:  Every clue tells which book must be located in order to obtain the next clue.  Participants work in teams of 3 or 4 and all group members perform every task – including Reading Clues, Decoding Secret Messages, Searching the Catalog, and Locating Books on the shelves. 


  • Everyone always succeeds:  Every team has its own set of clues to find – there is never any competing over clues and all participants proceed at their own pace.  And every team succeeds in finding books in the fiction, non-fiction, and biography sections of the library all by themselves! 


  • KIDS learn by doing:   The kids do it all on their own!  When needed, the ‘detective’ helps facilitate decoding, use of the library catalog, etc. in the search for the books that contain the hidden clues.


  • Everyone works together:  In the end, the teams are called together to share the information on their clues so that they can track down and capture the monster.  Then they all are  sworn in as newly appointed deputy detectives and rewarded with their own Monster Detective badges!

Kids research to find clues

See Our Monster Hunters in ACTION!

The MONSTER HUNT program is available to be performed any time of day, any day of the year, anywhere across the country!


And it's very reasonably priced - just $395 for a single program performance, or $895 for a full day of programs.  And there is a 40% discount for each day after the first!  Perfect for schools that want each and every class to go on an adventure!  And we offer numerous other discounts: if you want programs, we'll make it work within your budget!

Kids Develop Vital Skills...

Without Even Knowing that they're LEARNING!

And if you want a program that involves searching for something OTHER than Monsters, we have dozens of themes, including our History Mystery, our Build a World Quest and in keeping with this year's National Summer Reading Program theme, and our all-new SPACE Quest!


( Click on the program titles for more information )


And if we don't already have exactly what you are looking for, we'll create an entirely new program variation just for you!

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