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The Monster Detective Agency Origin Story:

How a clever but timid middle-schooler began his transformation

into a fierce monster hunter!

     Will Allen is a Math whizz, but even the best problem solver in school has no answer for the horrors he faces when monsters begin infesting his house!

     Together with his friend and fellow geek, Jeannine Fitsimmons, he searches for a solution until, in a fantastic stroke of luck ( or IS it? ), a mysterious business card appears that summons the great monster detective, Bigelow Hawkins. With Bigelow's help, Will must conquer his fears and uncover the secret of the dreaded HIDDEN BEAST to save himself and his friends from its terrible power!

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Will Allen's
Intro to our Story :

Will Allen Portrait 7-22a_edited.png

         You know, I've never been a big fan of Sherlock Holmes.  My dad calls him the world’s greatest detective, but a stinky old pipe-smoker is not my idea of a hero. 

         My name is Will Allen.  You’d never guess that I’m a detective myself, especially since I’m not one of those… well, detective-looking kinds of guys. Still, I've cracked some of the biggest, strangest cases you could ever imagine.  But not one of them was stranger than how I got started doing this in the first place.

           I wasn't always a detective, you see.  I mean sure, sometimes my mom would say something like, "That's amazing Will!  How did you know I baked cookies while you were out?  I aired out the kitchen so you wouldn’t smell them!" and I would tell her, "Easy, mom.  There's a trace of flour on the counter, the oven door is warm, and you hid something in the breadbox real fast when I came in."

           Yeah, I’ve always been kind of a natural when it comes to solving problems.

           Well, most problems, anyway.  Sometimes even I needed help, which is where my story begins.

    You see, I had a problem I couldn't solve.  But it wasn't as simple as finding my dad's missing golf club.

           I had a monster under my bed.


Meet The Players

Our  Future Clients

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