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Will Allen and the Great Monster Detective

Timid science geek Will Allen may be one of the smallest boys in Ashford Middle School, but he is also one of the smartest.

Too bad his cleverness is of no use when monsters come calling!  But in a fantastic stroke of luck (or IS  it?) a mysterious card appears that summons the great monster detective, Bigelow Hawkins.  But can even an expert monster-fighter like Bigelow teach Will how to uncover the secret of the dreadful HIDDEN BEAST in time to conquer living fears?

96 pages, more than 20 B&W illustrations   Lexile Reading Level  640L

Will Allen and the Ring of Terror

Congratulations, Will Allen: You've become a Monster Detective!

( We hope you survive)

In this fledgeling detective's very first case, he discovers that hunting monsters takes much more than brains and bravery.  But when his client is haunted by a creature that appears to be no more than a harmless gold ring, can even the intervention of his new partner, Jeannine fitsimmons, help Will reveal the true horror in time to save them from a terror beyond imagining?

128 pages, more than 25 B&W illustrations   Lexile Reading Level  670L

Chronicles of the Monster Detective Agency


In this retelling of the first two monster detective adventures, Middle school mystery solvers Will Allen and Jeannine Fitsimmons' cleverness alone cannot save them when monsters infest their town.

Fortunately, the Great Monster Detective, Bigelow Hawkins, teaches them how to conquer their fears and defeat the monsters.  

Now, in their Baptism of Fire, these newly christened monster detectives must unravel the clues and uncover the monster's dreadful secret in time to save themselves and their friends from its terrible power!

208 pages, more than 40 B&W illustrations   Lexile Reading Level  710L

Will Allen and the Hideous Shroud

In this third adventure in the Monster Detective Agency series, what horror could be a tougher challenge for fledgling detective Will Allen than battling a roomful of MONSTERS?

Two words – MIDDLE SCHOOL!

and if that isn’t enough, Will’s new case is sure to make his head spin: he has to defend a BULLY! But can Will rise to the occasion and rescue his brutish client when his special monster-fighting flashlight, the RevealeR, has suddenly turned more dangerous than the monsters themselves?

232 pages, more than 30 B&W illustrations   Lexile Reading Level  730L

Will Allen and the Terrible Truth


Will Allen has conquered monsters, overcome bullies, and even survived his mother's cooking, but now he faces a challenge that his cleverness and bravery are powerless against - dealing with GIRLS!

And even if he muddles his way through THAT  shiver-inducing horror, can Will rise to the occasion and save himself and his friends from creatures that bring to life their worst nightmares when his special monster-fighting tools, the RevealeR and the MonsterScope, suddenly lose their magical powers?

208 pages, more than 30 B&W illustrations   Lexile Reading Level  740L

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