Will Allen

Student, Ashford Middle School

Detective Third Class

Smart, undersized, clever and imaginative, with a quick temper and a caustic, sarcastic wit.  Despite his initial timidity, Will’s keen mind and willingness to challenge himself allow him to transcend his shortcomings and become a superior Monster Detective.

Jeannine Fitsimmons

Student, Ashford Middle School

Detective Third Class

Bold, shrewd, and independent – in spite of her intelligence, she is not a typical ‘egghead’.  Has a taste for gothic clothes and outlandish hair styles.  Fiercely loyal. Excited at the prospect of dealing with monsters.  Enjoys testing her limits, both in style and behavior.

Bigelow Hawkins

School Affiliation - Unknown

Gold Shield Master Detective

Strange and mysterious character summoned to teach Will how to conquer the monsters.  A monster himself, but with motivations and desires radically different from the others.  Recruits Will to join the Monster Detective Agency, and is clearly grooming him for a much bigger role.

Timmy Newsome

Student, Ashford Middle School

Client - Case of the

Ring of Terror

Tall, redheaded, and more comfortable with athletics than with schoolbooks (but not terribly adept at either), Timmy's RING monster baffles Will until some timely assistance from Jeannine helps him to understand Timmy's fears, and allows them to confront the monster.

Rhonda Peevely

Student, Ashford Middle School

Client - Case of the Malevolent Mirror

Latest in a long line of beauty queens, Rhonda's monster fed off of her fear of not measuring up to expectations.  But with Will's help she learned to see that beauty is more than just skin deep, and that her mother's harshness masked her desire for Rhonda to have a better life.

Gerald Hoffsteadtler

Student, Ashford Middle School

Client - Case of the 

Insideous Insects

Short and smart like Will, but with an oversized need to fit in.  Gerald had his first case solved by Jeannine, but when a new monster emerges, one fueled by the horror of what he was becoming, Will must overcome his hostility over Gerald's slights and learn to understand and forgive.

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